Soybean Products from NK and Taylor Seeds

In the quest to maximize soybean yields and profits, NK offers all the right soybean solutions for your operation.  Starting with an industry leading soybean research and development program of over 800,000 soybean plots annually, NK's investment program leads to the advancement and commercialization of proprietary, high yielding products to fit all your soybean acres.

We offer high yielding NK Brand Soybeans from Syngenta.  You can select from a portfolio of yield-protecting traits and benefit from using CruiserMaxx ™ seed treatment for superior insect and disease protection.

High Yielding NK varieties for North Central Kansas include S35-A5, S38-W4, and S39-T3 RR/STS.  Check the KSU Crop Performance Test link for yield data on NK varieties for the North Central Kansas region.

For the past 30 years, Taylor Seed Farms has been in the seed business with a focus on supplying the most profitable seed genetics available today for your farming operation.  The "Taylor Select" research and selection program identifies top genetics from the largest germplasm and technology platforms available today.

At Solomon Rapids Seed, we offer top yielding "stacked" Taylor Soybean varieties such as 351-RR2/STS™ and 390-RR2/STS™ with herbicide tolerance for use in our diverse farming practices, including rotations where soybeans may be planted following wheat or sorghum when herbicide carryover is a concern for the operator.  Click the link to Taylor Seed Farms for product offerings and more information.

We protect your soybean seed investment by specializing in custom applications of ApronMaxx fungicide plus CruiserMaxx Insecticide, along with First Up ST for soybean seed inoculation.  For additional information on any of our soybean products or to place an order, Contact one of your representatives at Solomon Rapids Seed.