Local Dealer for Patriot™ Seed Tender Wagons

We are your area dealer for Patriot ™ Seed Tender Wagons.  Whether it's the planting season, or harvest season, time is always at a premium.  Enhance the productivity of your grain farm with one of these handy wagons; you will wonder how you ever got along without one!

Shown here is the Patriot 220 Bulk Seed Trailer which features 2-100 unit compartments, while the Patriot 110 features a single 100 unit compartment.  Both wagons feature a 3-stage telescoping spout long enough to fill John Deere's Central Commodity System (CCS) and Case's Bulk Fill Productivity System.  The unit is powered by a 5.5 HP Honda engine with optional electric start.

Also available is the larger Patriot 330 Bulk Seed trailer featuring 2-150 unit compartments, and the 2-Box Seed Trailer shown here.  All models come in Red or Green, with an optional available 12V seed treater.

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